Training and Services

About CPP Group Leader Training

The 2-day in-person CPP group leader training workshop provides participants information about the program principles, structure and content of the program, and how to facilitate group sessions. On the second day of training, participants take a short assessment test to determine their knowledge of CPP program principles and strategies and participate in “mock” groups to practice group leading skills.

Are you interested in becoming a Chicago Parent Program group leader?

There are two ways to attend the training:

    1. Agency -  Training workshop presented virtually to your agency by CPP group leader trainers for a minimum of 9 to 24 participants. If you are interested in scheduling a training, fill out the CPP Interest Form.

    2. Individual - Sign up for a scheduled CPP group leader training workshop (see dates below).

VIRTUAL CPP GROUP LEADER TRAINING Four 1/2 day training sessions that include all of the content of the 2 day in-person training.

Upcoming Virtual Group Leader Training Workshops Dates: 

  • December 4-7, 2023: 12pm-3:30pm EST; Registration Deadline November 17Register HERE


  • April 22-25, 2024; 12pm-3:30pm EST; Registration Deadline TBD.   Register COMING SOON!


Questions? email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

CPP Fidelity Assessment

CPP fidelity assessment establishes whether trained group leaders are delivering the parenting group as intended. Fidelity assessments help group leaders know what they are doing well, provides feedback to grow in the role of a CPP group leader, and is required for CPP group leader certification.

Group leaders’ audio-record each of the twelve 2-hour parenting sessions and upload the digital files weekly to a secure Internet site.

Our CPP team is trained in fidelity assessment. They will listen to a selection of your audio recordings and rate them using the CPP Fidelity Checklist. Two components of group leading are assessed:

  1. adherence – does the group leader follow what is in the Group Leader Manual each session and,
  2. competence - how skillfully does the group leader conduct the parenting group.

Group leaders and, if desired, site administration will receive written reports from the CPP Fidelity Checklist. CPP fidelity assessments are required for CPP Group Leader Certification.